“At a time when everyone and their cousin is launching a newsletter about product marketing, The Product Marketing Newsletter is one of the few that I actually read from start to finish. Peter’s summaries of podcasts and highlights from LinkedIn are a great tool to help cut through the noise and get to the value of the endless amount of product marketing content being churned out these days.

Mark Assini
Host, Product Marketing Life 🚀’21, ’22 Top 100 Product Marketing Influencer

The PMM Newsletter is on my must-read list as it provides a great round-up of what’s going on in PMM circles. I can always guarantee that I’ll find something that I missed.

Harvey Lee
Product Marketing Consultant

The Product Marketing Newsletter is essential reading for any PMM. It cuts no corners and is chock-full of learned experiences and in-depth lessons. I’d recommend it to my community any day.

Jess Petrella
Director of Product Marketing at Unbounce

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